UPS: Re-imagining cardboard





For UPS, we wanted to learn about their functioning as an organization, their goals and the experiences they deliver to the customers and create opportunities and strategies based on the most compelling trends and signals. We studied the company in terms of their vision, mission and business goals. Following this, we worked on strategies of future possibilities that could give UPS a competitive advantage in advance so that they could expand their business and reach greater heights sooner and enhance user experience.



What if the cardboard journey never ends?
What if boxes offered limitless possibilities?
Imagine your cardboard transforming in
front of your eyes...
Imagine a box full of surprises...



The business idea that we are proposing for UPS applies and adheres to most of the company’s vision statement in contributing to environmental sustainability and influencing it through the communities that they serve, as well as deploying technology in their business operations and influencing their customers experience through it. What we are proposing is based upon key phrases of UPS and pushing beyond the limit of “What more can brown do for you”, and also the opportunities and services that can be created beyond just shopping.


Our proposed business idea revolves around engaging the customers in transforming received shipping packages into designed objects through the utilization of 3D printing technologies and laser cutting. UPS has always been enthusiastic in bringing in new innovative services and strategies for their customers. 

In the recent past, with the emergence of 3D printing and various other design and computer technology innovations. The 3d printing technology facility has already been implemented at few UPS locations.

The whole idea of creating, making things from scratch, watching  raw materials turn into a product is something that human beings have always took pleasure in. Therefore, this idea gives the users the opportunity to role play as a designer/inventor/ creator for a few minutes or more, in which the user gets to experience the joy of creation and designing.




Proposing new ideas and concepts to businesses and their introduction into target markets is always an influential operation, reshaping markets, affecting the economy, opening new opportunities and perspectives, obsoleting others, and causing shifts in the overall connected system between businesses from suppliers to manufacturers to retailers. 



Enhancing technologies and manufacturing of 3D printing machines for the purpose of increasing market investments in this field, enhancing customer's idea generation and creativity regarding what they wish to do with their parcel box.


Effectively eliminate waste, since the cardboard has been used in a complete cycle and transforming it  into a valuable designed object, that is useful for the business turning it  into this new industry instead as a new revolutionary operation for recycling.


Retrieving the emotional gap created between companies and customers, by becoming either engaged in the process of creating the parcel packaging or receiving the physical memorable gift creating a higher opportunity to be influential in people’s lives.


Unlocking unlimited potentials and reversing the perception of cardboard as a cheap invaluable material, into this more energy efficient material that opens the door for limitless possibilities to expand into other industries, like the gift industry, etc.





Kathleen wants to send a parcel, she goes online to the UPS website to find the prices for shipping and parcelling packages. She notices a new section under the dropdown categories, “Cardboard World”. Kathleen loves DIY and loves to decorate her house with unique pieces. As she scrolled down she read more about the brand collaborations that have their own lines of furniture, toys, etc.  She had never seen anything like it before. Kathleen was curious about how these products were made. She read about the 3D printer and cardboard pulp, laser cutting templates, and certain glues/adhesives mechanisms mixed with the cardboard pulp to give it that look. It all made more sense now. Kathleen couldn’t wait to go to the store in person, so she bought a beautiful geometric ceiling light that would be perfect over her kitchen island. She was amazed that all products had free shipping as well. 




Jesse just started up her new business and as the owner of a specialty cupcake catering. Her business was up and running but Jesse found it hard to advertise and get the word out. Jesse partnered with UPS for special food shipping. When people come to see her cupcakes and taste them for venues, parties, occasions, Jesse usually ships the samples out to them and it gets delivered on the same day. When Jesse heard about the new shipping boxes, she went the closest UPS store to find out all about them. These boxes had special laser cut business cards cut into the cardboard. So when the buyer gets the packages, he/she can pop out the business card for the next time they would like to order something from the store. Jesse signed up for these business cardboxes and parcelled her cupcakes. Jesse was really pleased with her business and just made a loyal customer from that day on.




We strongly believe that adopting our proposed concept by UPS will set apart the company and distinguish it from its competitors and other shipping companies in the market. This concept will not only allow UPS to bond with their customers and help them experience unforgettable moments and engage in producing and creating uniquely designed objects, but will also allow UPS to take advantage of introducing a new dimension and potential for 3D printing and new technologies. Such business growth and expansion in different fields, make the business stronger and decrease potential risks. Therefore, based on all the previously discussed aspects and the opportunities it shall create on both the customer and company level, our concept shall distinguish UPS and set it apart within a market of slight distinctions between corporations and fierce competition.a