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Aurelia: Designing future frameworks



The goal of this project was to dive deep to understand the current roles and activities human beings play in society within various realms of life, and propose a utopian solution for the world we live in. 

Based upon the structures that have formed communities, the ideologies that govern them, and the resources that progresses them, we set on a journey to realize a new harmonious community that bridges the gap between the natural and the man-made world. Our journey started with researching case studies and social, economic, and political frameworks within societies. Allowoing us to define and develop our new framework for a second nature society. One in which people and nature lived in balance and harmony and became unified.




This commenced with the current society forced that derive the individual to become more self centred and narcissistic, as a result of a extreme form of stimulation to become overly independent. People have become living a non balanced life with high expectations from everyone that are not met in return with rewarding circumstances. Due to the unbalanced lifestyle that people have been lately living, people have neglected their physical of mental health, or spirituality, causing them to fall out of harmony and leading to their despair. People have always been dictated of what, when and how to do things. With people lacking the care and attention from authorities and society harmony through the different aspects of life is distrupted. 




The various principles, beliefs, philosophies, and ideologies we looked at have one thing common regardless of their origins and content, all which strive for attaining goals in all aspects of life for the betterment of the human being. We have examined certain principles, ideologies, beliefs, and philosophies of all diverse origins (from ancient religious scripts, to humanitarian views, to universal and and scientifically proven ideologies) to aid us in understanding the complexity of the human being.




The richly imagined future will create a new community, that strives to achieve a new way of being that would avoid pit holes that would disrupt our natural world of humanity. 

The same way cities are built, to establish our new community, we started from the inside out. Defining values instead of ideologies, describing our main resources, and then constructing the community's structure and internal systems. The new community of Aurelia of the Compos-Mentis revolves around the Self and its relationship with the surrounding world, acknowledging the role of each individual in the structure of the community. The term "I see myself through you" becomes a guidance for each individual to reflect upon their personal performance and as a member of the community.

For the city plan and structure, each elements constituting it was designed as a symbol and reflection of the values and the principles of the community's core. The organization of enterprises, the function of each, and how they are incorporated in people's lives was all created to capture the essence of Aurelia.




The construction of the community and the shape that life will take in it, should all be a symbol and a reflection of the values and principles that the community carries in its core and is derived by to capture the whole essence of Aurelia.

At the centre of the community is Aurora, a symbolic building used mainly for guidance of the community and it members, which is then surrounded by Socius that is a communal space, which is then interconnected with other enterprises in the community. These enterprises include Salus that has to do with the holistic health and wellness of the community members, Agnitio that is related to matters of spirituality and knowledge, Experimentis that is a creative lab and a space for research and development, Cogitatio that is related to the communication channels between the different community elements, Pretium that is related to the value of all elements that constitute the community and daily life, Ex Nihilo that is responsible for the agriculture, manufacturing, production, and innovation, the Brain Trust that manages all internal and external affairs of the community, Sententia that organizes the community members’ professions and practices, Urbis that is concerned with city planning and the organization of elements in the community, and Vita that is concerned with energy flow in the community and between the different elements. All these enterprises and community constituents are governed by the element of Tempus that is time.

These various enterprises and the different elements of the community is connected by Information Tunnels, that connects everything together and to the main source at the center of the community that is Aurora.