Seek, you are the question




Seek is a tool that lets you discover yourself by discovering your surroundings. It takes you on a journey to seek new experiences, through the people and places that inspire you. Seek is a customized platform which is connected to the experiences you desire every moment. Through machine learning and biometric tracking through seek’s wearable, the platform learns about you and understands you better everyday providing you content to indulge upon. Seek fuels curiosity in people to be a part of a journey towards a greater understanding.


What if there was a discovery in every moment?



Seek is a tool that lets you discover yourself by discovering your surroundings. It takes you on a journey to seek new experiences through the people and places that inspire you. Seek creates a customized platform which directly connects you the experiences you desire, to enhance your every moment. The more you experience, the better the platform understands you, providing content to indulge upon. Seek fuels curiosity in people, to be part of a journey towards a greater understanding.




Seek is a platform that takes everyday spaces, objects and people in the world and transforms them into content rich data, that can accessed to anyone present right there creating enriching experiences. The platform is based off one’s digital aura that grows and evolves constantly . Seek consists of three main elements which is the behaviour map, location map and the communication/action map.




Seek constructs a world, where people, objects and spaces connected to the system comprise a digital aura. The auras differ from each other based on their unique personality traits, functionality and objectives. Auras are data clouds containing real time data collected from previous experiences, and also containing core attributes of the individual or the entity. The platform comprises of a mobile app that pairs with a wearable band that allows you explore the world around in an enhanced manner.




Seek’s app is the content hub and the core of the platform. It allows users to connect with people and gain knowledge about anything they stumble upon. The app intends to understand the user’s behaviours and desires and organizes the information to set up customized daily rituals and itineraries based around the individual’s lifestyle.


Defining the various screens and connecting them in an intuitive manner was important for seek so that users can take actionable steps in a jiffy.



Evolving the product, wireframes were created to understand the the feel for the final prototype. The wireframes were categorized into four sections that included set up, searching and discovering, the feed and the profile. 



The app comprises of real time data of experiences around you based on time, schedule, etc. it consists of the feed, surprise me, profile, discover and settings as main navigation options. Navigating through these sections, users can seek experiences that matter to them.




The wearable band is essential for enhancing user experience to explore new discoveries. The device defines an individual as a seeker and tracks relevant data from the user to provide results that is impactful for them. It can measure, detect and understand feedback during an experience. It generates colours based on your mood and guides you to experiences that you might like to indulge into at that situation. The wearable behaves as an unobtrusive accessory that will allow users to quickly gain information on the go without using their smartphone always. The band is purely based on haptics through light sensors and nudges to communicate simply and easily with the user.




A standalone wearable device in comparison to embedding into current smartwatches made more sense for its functionality and significance. People wear the FitBit because they care about their health and want to be aware of metrics and do better, similarly Aura band is meant for people who care about seeking and who want to explore new experiences as an everyday routine. Many designs were iterated and prototyped to create a suitable design that could cater to everyone's individual personality.






In today's world its all about the overarching experiences provided to users. Being a seeker is all about experiencing new things anywhere and anytime. The experience journey begins with awareness of the product, to the end goal of seeking new experiences on an ongoing basis.






Seek is a context aware discovery platform. It connects you to reality, it allows you to expand your perspective and reach your fullest, it allows you to be You. It connects you to the world on deeper levels by leveraging technology, thus looking at the world in a new dimension.  

Every moment is an adventure, where you are constantly evolving through your digital aura. To be present, to be a seeker.