Exploring the New Dimension of Reality




Human beings strive for adventure, freedom and discovery in life. If we aren’t willing to open ourselves up and set out to become seekers to indulge fully into the now, we might be missing out on many meaningful experiences. Also, often we desire a lot of things, but forget or are just unaware of what to do, when to do it, where to do it and how to do it.

Anything that is not in your awareness does not exist for you. And only what you are aware of, you can handle and do things about. If you carefully examine it, you will see a large part of you is not your awareness. If you bring more into your awareness, as inner perception of life not limited to the five sense organs, you will see suddenly your life begins to happen on all levels the way you want it.” That is the reality of being.

To uncover the depths of human potential and discover a new dimension of reality.



A framework designed to set the stage for this research revolves around the reality in the moment. Each of these aspects are intertwined to reach the core and the ultimate state of being to put forward an ecosystem that instills behaviours that direct towards the ultimate.




“The journey of awareness that I am alive now, to feel my every breath; To discover and creates possibilities to achieve an enhanced everyday experience. To bring out the full potential and make the most of the moment, by understanding the surroundings and learning from experiences to meet aspirations.”




 After looking in depth into philosophy and the roots for this project from the core of human understanding of the world, current trends and future trends in technology were researched and analyzed, to understand where the world is headed to and how the concept can fit in. This gave insights of the potential the concept has with the trends the are constantly visible.




 Looking at future signals and trends in the scope of work, travel and cities and incorporating the concept, the below are seven opportunities that have commonalities conveying a different point of view in turn relating back to the bigger idea of enhancing the now.




The New Dimension of Reality is a study that explores opportunities with the changing landscape with the rise of connected objects and upcoming technology, balancing out the capabilities of all this technology by understanding the core value of human beings, their needs, wants, desires to live a richer life. It explores the notion of becoming fully aware of oneself with one's surroundings so that one never miss out on anything that truly matters to them. Technology is creating a shift in people's everyday realities. It is fascinating how it is creating a entire new dimension of reality.

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Here is a visualization of a journey on a general level. It includes seven milestones that leads to self growth and transforming the self into seeker throughout their life. Being a seeker is to remind yourself of the larger aspirations in life and be present in every moment and consume most from each moment, and grow everyday to reach great heights.